Concrete Corrosion Mapping System

Model: HM-246
Price: $1,650.00
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The Corrosion Mapping System rapidly scans concrete surfaces for the presence of or tendency for chloride-induced corrosion in reinforcing steel. Operating on the half-cell potential method, this instrument is used for assessment of bridge decks, pavement, walls, and other structures.

Steel buried in concrete is normally passive to corrosion until chlorides from the environment permeate the concrete and create anodic and cathodic areas, starting the flow of corrosion currents. Half-cell measurements are an indicator of corrosion activity. The half-cell probe electrically connects to the concrete through a water-saturated foam sponge. A separate cable from the meter is attached to a rebar in the structure, completing the electrical circuit. The resulting potential reading can be correlated to corrosion activity of the steel in the vicinity of the probe. Readings can be plotted on paper or on the structure itself to provide an easy to interpret graphic assessment of the structure. Probable corrosion areas and the total area of the structure subject to corrosion can be determined.

The System includes a specialized voltmeter in a protective pouch, copper/copper sulfate electrode with surfactant reservoir and dispensing sponge, a separate electrode for overhead readings, two 15in (381mm) extensions, reel with 250ft (76M) of wire, surfactant solution, copper sulfate crystals, operating manual, all in a sturdy plastic case. The probe can attach to a long handle for ceilings. A Rebar Locator is also recommended to reference bar position.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 18lb (8kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 18lb (8kg)
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