Rebar Locators and Cover Meters

Rebar Locators, Metal Detectors and Cover Meters are effective and easy-to-use tools for detecting and locating reinforcing bars, welded-wire mesh, metal wall ties and other such metal components encased within a structure. Determining the location of reinforcing steel and subsurface metalwork is essential to help avoid damage to reinforcing elements when cutting or coring.


Elcometer Cover Meters

Elcometer Cover Meters

Starting at $2,499.00
Models: RL-101, RL-102A
Electronic Metal Detector
Model: HM-117A
Profoscope Rebar Locators / Cover Meters
Models: HM-196, HM-197
Profometer® 6 Cover Meters

Profometer® 6 Cover Meters

Starting at $4,915.00
Models: CT-160, CT-163, CT-165
  • Elcometer Cover Meters are designed to identify rebar location, depth and placement, the 331 Series Concrete Cover Meters have accuracy levels that exceed requirements.
  • Electronic Metal Detector are best-suited to preliminary scans for detecting location and approximate depth of metals through concrete and most non-metallic construction materials.
  • Profoscope Rebar Locators/Cover Meters have detection capabilities of locating reinforcing steel up to 7in (180mm) maximum depth, the Profoscope units can also determine orientation.
  • Profometer® 6 Cover Meters offer high-quality performance in detecting and measuring concrete cover and reinforcing steel bars.