Rebar Locators and Cover Meters

Rebar Locators and Metal Detectors use relatively simple technology to find reinforcing bars, welded-wire mesh, and metal wall ties in a structure. Discovery of exact locations of reinforcing steel and subsurface metalwork is essential to safe and effective recovery of test cores and performance of maintenance. Their primary function is to establish the vertical location of bars to help avoid damage to reinforcing elements when cutting or coring. The IMP and Rebar Plus Locators have additional features to allow estimates of bar size and depth, useful when assessing existing structures for integrity or compliance to design specifications. The Rebar Plus uses an analog gauge to estimate bar depth and size. Advanced models in the Elcometer series offer automatic bar sizing, memory for readings and ability to download readings to a PC.

Model: HM-145

Rebar Plus Locator

Model: HM-148
Model: HM-117A
Models: HM-196, HM-197