Rebar Locators and Cover Meters

Rebar Locators, Metal Detectors, and Cover Meters are effective and easy-to-use tools. They are used for detecting and locating reinforcing bars, welded wire mesh, metal wall ties, and other such metal objects in concrete. Determining the location of reinforcing steel and subsurface metalwork is essential to help avoid damage to reinforcing elements when cutting or coring.


Profometer® Rebar Diameter and Cover Meters
Models: CT-171, CT-172
Elcometer 331 Cover Meters

Elcometer 331 Cover Meters

Starting at $2,277.00
Models: RL-101, RL-102A
Electronic Metal Detector
Model: HM-117A
Rebar Locators and Cover Meters
  • Profometer® Rebar Diameter and Cover Meters determine the precise location and accurate dimensional measurements of steel reinforcing bars and other metallic embedment in concrete with detection capabilities of up to 7.3in (185mm) maximum depth.
  • Elcometer 331 Meters are designed for finding location depth and placement of rebar. The 331 Series meters have accuracy levels that exceed requirements. Search Heads are required for use with the 331 Series.
  • Electronic Metal Detector is best suited to preliminary scans for detecting the location and approximate depth of metals in most nonmetallic construction materials.

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