Hydraulic Sample Extruder

Hydraulic Sample Extruder (115V / 60Hz)

Hydraulic Sample Extruder (115V / 60Hz)

Model: HM-524
Price: $3,037.00
Hydraulic Sample Extruder (230V / 50Hz)

Hydraulic Sample Extruder (230V / 50Hz)

Model: HM-524F
Price: $3,808.00

Hydraulic Sample Extruder ejects undisturbed soil samples from full size thin-walled samplers (Shelby Tubes) in one stroke. It is used in sample preparation for a variety of soil tests including triaxial, permeability, direct shear, consolidation, unconfined compression and more. The bench-top extruder is set up for 3in (76mm) diameter tubes of 30in (762mm) length, but can also process 2in (51mm) diameter tubes with the optional HMA-282 2in Sample Adapter. The smooth, easily controlled piston stroke permits easy handling and rapid processing of samples.

The extruder can apply up to 5,600lbf (24.9kN) of force to eject even stubborn samples. The hydraulic system precisely controls the horizontally mounted piston. The HM-524 unit comes with a sample receiving trough to ensure minimal disturbance while ejecting and logging sample. The 1.7gpm (6.4lpm) hydraulic pump is powered by a 1hp electric motor and the hydraulic oil reservoir has a 2.5gal (47L) capacity.


  • Efficient handling and preparation for wide range of soil tests
  • Processes samples quickly
  • Can eject most stubborn of samples

Included Items:

  • Hydraulic Sample Extruder (115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz)
  • Sample Receiving Trough


  • HMA-282 Sample Adapter adapts extruder to process 2in (51mm) diameter samples
  • HMA-289 Extruder Stand positions Sample Extruder at appropriate working height
Product Dimensions 84 x 23 x 18in (2,134 x 584 x 457mm), LxWxH
Motor 1hp
Estimated Shipping Weight 300.0lb (136.08kg)

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Product Dimensions 84 x 23 x 18in (2,134 x 584 x 457mm), LxWxH
Motor 1hp
Estimated Shipping Weight 300.0lb (136.08kg)
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