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Automatic Soil Processor (120V, 60Hz)

Automatic Soil Processor (120V, 60Hz)

Model: HM-540
Price: $8,684.00
Automatic Soil Processor (220V, 50Hz)

Automatic Soil Processor (220V, 50Hz)

Model: HM-540F
Price: $8,200.00

The Automatic Soil Processor is pneumatically operated and greatly reduces the amount of time spent tediously preparing soil samples for testing, freeing the technician to focus on more productive tasks. ASTM and AASHTO specifications for moisture/density relationships (Proctor) and other tests often require large amounts of soil, which requires a fair amount of time and effort from the technician when completed by hand. With the Automatic Soil Processor, it’s as simple as loading the screen tray, closing the lid, and flipping a switch; no special training is required.

Up to 40lb (18kg) of cohesive soil can be processed in fifteen minutes through the replaceable No.4 screen into our standard SC-3 pan, even when processing fat and lean clays or wet soil. Once the soil sample is placed on the lower No.4 screen, the weighted cover is closed, and the processor is activated, the sample is moved laterally against the upper screen. The vertical force from the weighted cover, along with the back-and-forth motion of the screen tray, processes the sample through the screen without grinding the sample and impacting particle integrity. The processor automatically shuts off when the lid is within 1/4in (6mm) of the screen, signaling the completion of the processing cycle.

The air-operated technology makes the processor reliable and easy to maintain. Cleanup only requires the operator to use the integrated air hose to blast the screen clean.

Extra pans can be ordered for high sample volume operations, which can be stored within the cabinet when not in use. Other inserts can be ordered in different screen sizes. The unit requires a compressed air source with a minimum of 60psi at 9CFM and 120V,60Hz electrical supply.


  • Reduces prep time – more soil can be processed in less time, and the technician can focus on other tasks
  • 40lb (18kg) of soil can be processed in 15 minutes
  • Automatic shutoff at the end of the processing cycle
  • Reliable and easy to maintain

Included Items:

  • Automatic Soil Processor (120V,60Hz or 220V,50Hz)
  • Galvanized Iron Sample Pan
  • No. 4 (4.75mm) Lower Screen Insert


  • SC-3 Galvanized Iron Pan is used for the collection of the soil sample and has a capacity of 40qt (38L).
  • Lower Screen Inserts can be purchased in addition to the included No. 4 insert, select from a No. 4 (4.75mm), 3/8in (9.5mm), or 3/4in (19mm) opening size.
  • Wet Soil Attachment is available to make processing moderate to wet samples more efficient and less susceptible to clogging.
Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-540: 300.0lb (136.08kg)

HM-540F: 320.0lb (145.15kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-540: 300.0lb (136.08kg)

HM-540F: 320.0lb (145.15kg)