Relative Density Apparatus

Apparatus determines the relative density of granular soils that do not respond well to Proctor moisture-density tests. Maximum density is determined by placing soil in special molds and densifying using a vibrating table and surcharge. Minimum index density is determined by loose placement in the molds using special pouring funnels, scoop, or shovel, depending on the size of soil particles.


Relative Density Gauge Set
Model: HM-319
Relative Density Mold Set

Relative Density Mold Set

Starting at $1,480.00
Models: HM-317, HM-318
Relative Density Vibrating Table

Relative Density Vibrating Table

Starting at $14,060.00
Models: HM-315, HM-315F
Relative Density Apparatus
  • Relative Density Gauge Set is used with Relative Density Mold Sets for measuring the distance from mold top to base plate after densification in accordance with ASTM standards.
  • Relative Density Mold Set used in determining volume change of granular soils. The select mold set with 0.1ft³ or 0.5ft³ capacities.
  • Relative Density Pouring Funnel Set used for loose placement of granular soils 3/8in or finer in relative density mold sets. Set includes two funnels with a 6in delivery spout; one in with a diameter of .50in and the other with a 1in diameter.
  • Relative Density Vibrating Table is for consolidating granular soils and determination of relative density. Meets ASTM standards.