Mechanical Sieve Shakers

Mechanical Tapping Sieve Shakers use a repetitive two-way tapping motion paired with an aggressive circular mechanical action to yield accurate material separations while preventing blinding. These units are ideal for a wide range of materials from 2in to as fine as No. 635 (50mm to 20µm) using 8in to 12in (200mm to 305mm) ASTM or ISO test sieves.


Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Starting at $1,934.00
Models: SS-8R, SS-8RF, SS-12R, SS-12RF
W.S. Tyler® Ro-Tap® Sieve Shakers
Models: SS-30, SS-30F, SS-30S, SS-31, SS-31F, SS-31S, SS-33, SS-33F, SS-33S
Mechanical Sieve Shakers
  • Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers feature exclusive circular rotation action with two-way tapping operating at 48 taps per minute and Gilson’s innovative EZ-Clamp system efficiently secures sieve stacks for accurate, repeatable separations.
  • W.S. Tyler® Ro-Tap Sieve® Shakers use a horizontal, circular motion with vertical tapping action in one direction. Ro-Tap Shakers operate at 278 oscillations and 150 taps per minute and ¼ hp electronic motors and timers for repeatable, accurate test results.