ASTM Thermometers

ASTM Thermometers meet strict tolerances for specific applications. Each Thermometer is supplied with a statement of compliance to E1 and E77 requirements. Thermometers are constructed of glass with permanent graduations and filled with mercury or non-toxic fluid.


ASTM Thermometers

Gilson offers a variety of ASTM thermometers in mercury and non-mercury options.

  • ASTM Mercury Thermometers meet strict manufacturing protocols and are inspected and tested for accuracy.
  • ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers assure compliance with standard test method requirements for use in their referenced applications and must meet the same performance requirements and tolerances as ASTM Mercury Thermometers.
  • ASTM Equivalent Non-Mercury Thermometers have performance characteristics identical to ASTM thermometers but have not yet been reviewed and accepted by ASTM.

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