ASTM Equivalent Non-Mercury Thermometers

These liquid-in-glass thermometers have physical and performance characteristics identical to ASTM thermometers for their referenced applications, but have not yet been reviewed and accepted by ASTM for these purposes. They use a safe blue indicating liquid that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. The dark blue color of the indicating fluid is easily read against the white-backed stem.


ASTM Equivalent S9C Non-Mercury Thermometer, -5°—110°C
Models: MA-510C, MA-510CT
ASTM Equivalent S9F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 20°—230°F
Models: MA-510F, MA-510FT
ASTM Equivalent S17C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 19°—27°C
Models: MA-513C, MA-513CT
ASTM Equivalent S17F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 66°—80°F
Models: MA-513F, MA-513FT
ASTM Equivalent S19C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 49°—57°C
Models: MA-515C, MA-515CT
ASTM Equivalent S19F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 120°—134°F
Models: MA-515F, MA-515FT
ASTM Equivalent S20C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 57°—65°C
Models: MA-516C, MA-516CT
ASTM Equivalent S20F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 134°—148°F
Models: MA-516F, MA-516FT
ASTM Equivalent S21C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 79°—87°C
Models: MA-517C, MA-517CT
ASTM Equivalent S21F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 174°—188°F
Models: MA-517F, MA-517FT
ASTM Equivalent S47C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 58.6°—61.4°C
Models: MA-519C, MA-519CT
ASTM Equivalent S47F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 137.5°—142.5°F
Models: MA-519F, MA-519FT
ASTM Equivalent S1C Non-Mercury Thermometer, -20°—150°C
Models: MA-520C, MA-520CT
ASTM Equivalent S1F Non-Mercury Thermometer, 0°—302°F
Models: MA-520F, MA-520FT
ASTM Equivalent S13C Non-Mercury Thermometer, 155°—170°C
Models: MA-523C, MA-523CT
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ASTM Equivalent Non-Mercury Thermometers

A “T” suffix on model numbers indicates thermometers with five-point certification by an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory. Always store Non-Mercury Thermometers vertically with a Thermometer Storage Rack to prevent indicator fluid separation.

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