ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers

ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers meet standard test method requirements for use in their referenced applications. The liquid-in-glass thermometers have the same performance characteristics as ASTM Mercury Thermometers, but use safe blue liquid as an alternative to mercury. Select desired temperature range and divisions from the product filter to narrow your choices.


Models: MA-514C, MA-514CT
Models: MA-514F, MA-514FT
Models: MA-518C, MA-518CT
Models: MA-518F, MA-518FT
Models: MA-524C, MA-524CT
Models: MA-524F, MA-524FT
Models: MA-525C, MA-525CT
Models: MA-525F, MA-525FT
Models: MA-529C, MA-529CT
Models: MA-529F, MA-529FT
Models: MA-530C, MA-530CT
Models: MA-530F, MA-530FT
Models: MA-531C, MA-531CT
Models: MA-531F, MA-531FT
Models: MA-532C, MA-532CT
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The proprietary formula is biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonhazardous. Dark blue color is easily read against the white-backed stem.

The “T” suffix added to model numbers indicates individual Thermometers with NIST traceable five-point certification by an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory. Full sets of Certified Precision Use Thermometers are available as MA-751CT for S62C to S67C ASTM numbers, or MA-751FT for S62F to S67F. To prevent fluid column separation, always store Non-Mercury Thermometers vertically, using a storage rack.