ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers

ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers meet standard test method requirements for use in their referenced applications. The liquid-in-glass thermometers have the same performance characteristics as ASTM Mercury Thermometers, but use a safe blue liquid as an alternative to mercury. The proprietary formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, and nonhazardous. The dark blue color is easily read against the white-backed stem.


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ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers

For individual thermometers with a five-point certification by an ISO/IEC accredited laboratory order models with a “T” suffix added to model numbers. Full sets of Certified Precision Use Thermometers are available as MA-751CT for S62C to S67C ASTM numbers or MA-751FT for S62F to S67F.

To prevent fluid column separation, always store these ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers vertically, using a storage rack.

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