Pocket Thermometers

Pocket Thermometers perform on-the-spot temperature checks in the field or on the factory floor for testing and laboratory applications. Analog or digital Pocket Thermometers are rugged and designed for quick access and portability. Pocket thermometers are a compact design to easily fit into a user’s pocket.


Pocket Thermometer, -58°–572°F (-50°–300°C)
Models: MA-343, MA-344
Flip-Stick Thermometer, -58°–572°F (-50°–300°C)
Models: MA-351, MA-352
Pocket Thermometers

Pocket Dial Thermometers have various temperature ranges and divisions, all have an accuracy of 1% of the range. They are 5in (127mm) in length and feature a type 304 stainless steel dial case and 0.15in (3.81mm) diameter stem. The dial is 1in (25.4mm) in diameter and is constructed of rugged plastic. An adjustment nut allows for easy recalibration. All include a plastic carrying case with a clip.

Pocket Digital Thermometers have stainless steel stems and LCD displays and are a good choice for rapid measurements. Available in a wide variety of temperature ranges. Features include auto-off to preserve battery life, F°/C° switchable, max/min, and hold functions.

Pocket Surface Thermometers measure surface temperature on contact with any horizontal surface. Two integral magnets also allow mounting on non-horizontal ferrous surfaces. Dial faces are 2in (50.8mm) and marked with both F° and C° divisions with an accuracy of ±2% of the scale.

Pocket Infrared Thermometer is convenient on-the-spot readings of surface temperatures for field applications. This pocket-sized device fits comfortably in a pocket and features an LCD display with 3/8in high digits. Additional features include Hold, F°/C° switchable, Min/Max, Lock mode, and low battery indicator.

Pocket liquid-in-glass thermometers are 6in (152mm) in length, and available spirit-filled with a pointed copper bulb (MA-110) or mercury-filled with Teflon® wrapped bulb (MA-111). Both are durable and include a case with a clip to fit perfectly in a shirt pocket.