Min-Max Thermometers

Min-Max Temperature Measurement consists of various Max-Min Thermometers, and Data Loggers that register and record the minimum and maximum temperatures since the last reset of the unit. They display temperatures in either °F or °C and can easily be switched between the two.


Basic Type K or J Thermometers, -328°–2,498°F (-200°–1,370°C)
Models: MA-321A, MA-321AT, MA-322A, MA-322AT
4-Channel Thermometer, -328°–2,498°F (-200°–1,370°C)
Models: MA-323, MA-323C
Flip-Stick Thermometer, -58°–572°F (-50°–300°C)
Models: MA-351, MA-352
Pocket Thermometer, -58°–572°F (-50°–300°C)
Models: MA-343, MA-344

Min-Max Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers show the minimum, maximum, and current temperatures in °F and °C since the last reset. Available in spirit-filled, mercury, and hybrid models.

Min-Max Digital Thermometers eliminate the need to interpolate between division marks by showing fine resolutions on the easy-to-read LCD screen. Digital Min Max Thermometers record the minimum and maximum temperatures since the last reset of the unit, with the option for the temperature to be displayed at either °F or °C.

Min-Max Infrared Thermometers use laser targeting to record measurements quickly and accurately, without the need for direct contact with the object. These high-low thermometers have a variety of features, including automatic shutoff, data display hold, and adjustable emissivity, depending on the chosen model, with all of the information being shown on the LCD screen.

Min-Max Data Logging Thermometers record data at regular intervals over a set period of time. The data can be transferred to the user’s computer directly with the use of the USB cords included with the Data Loggers.