General Lab Thermometers

Gilson General Lab Thermometers are Liquid-in Glass (LiG) and meet Scientific Apparatus Makers Association (SAMA) standards. They are available in mercury- and non-mercury-filled models, with partial or total immersion and a variety of °C and °F temperature ranges to choose from.

Please check state and local regulations before ordering a mercury thermometer as there may be shipping or selling restrictions.


  • Mercury Thermometers use traditional mercury as an indicating fluid.
  • Non-Mercury Thermometers are filled with an environmentally safe, nonhazardous liquid.
  • Mercury-Filled Armored Thermometers are housed in a removable brass case that provides protection from breaking and spilling of hazardous mercury.
  • Non-Mercury Armored Thermometers are red spirit-filled with a rugged, removable brass case that protects the thermometer from breakage.