General Lab Thermometers

Gilson General Lab Thermometers are liquid-in glass and Scientific Apparatus Makers Association (SAMA) approved. Both Mercury and Non-Mercury Thermometers have single fixed scales accurate to ±1 division below 105°C (221°F), ±1.5 division above 105°C (221°F), and ±2 divisions above 200°C (392°F). Thermometers are calibrated for partial or total immersion, serial numbered, and shipped with an accuracy statement. To prevent fluid column separation, these thermometers should be stored vertically in a Thermometer Storage Rack. Select the General Lab Thermometer for your application:

  • Mercury Thermometers use traditional, mercury-based fluid as an indicating instrument.
  • Non-Mercury Thermometers are filled with an environmentally safe, nonhazardous, liquid.