Mercury-Filled Armored Thermometers

Mercury-filled Armored Thermometers are mercury-in-glass thermometers for general lab use that record temperatures in °F or °C. Available in 12, 14 or 16 in (305, 355 or 405mm) lengths and housed within a removable durable nickel-plated brass case designed to protect against breakage or hazardous spills. Customers should be aware of state or local ordinances controlling shipment or sale of mercury instruments in their area.

Please check your state and local ordinances controlling mercury instruments before ordering.  Regulations are constantly changing and Gilson may not be permitted to ship these devices to you.

Models: MA-681, MA-681R
Models: MA-680, MA-680R
Models: MA-683, MA-683R
Models: MA-685, MA-685R
Models: MA-686, MA-686R
Models: MA-687, MA-687R
Models: MA-688, MA-688R
Models: MA-691, MA-691R
Models: MA-692, MA-692R
Models: MA-682, MA-682R
Models: MA-684, MA-684R
Models: MA-689, MA-689R
Models: MA-690, MA-690R