Mercury-Filled Thermometers

Mercury is the traditional fluid used for thermometers and other indicating instruments. Its properties are well-known and understood. Some published test methods specify use of mercury-filled thermometers, but many of these standards are being revised to avoid problems related to its use. Customers should be aware of state or local ordinances controlling shipment or sale of mercury instruments in their area. Please check for restrictions before ordering.

Select desired temperature range and divisions from the product filter to narrow your choices.

Most ASTM and AASHTO test methods now permit non-mercury alternatives for temperature measurement, and our Technical staff can help you select digital or non-mercury glass thermometers to meet published test methods.

Please check for mercury restrictions in your area before ordering.  Regulations regarding the sale and shipment of mercury-filled thermometers are constantly changing, be aware of your state or local ordinances controlling mercury instruments.  Gilson is constantly monitoring changes and legally we may not be permitted to ship mercury-filled thermometers to your location.