Temperature Recorders & Data Loggers

Long term monitoring of specimen or ambient temperature and humidity is beneficial and often required in test specifications. Gilson offers a selection of analog and digital instrumentation to record temperature, humidity, or both simultaneously. The recording and logging units operate on battery or AC power with battery back-up, and include a key-wound recorder that requires no power source at all.

The rugged, accurate, and reliable USB Data Loggers are fast and easy to set-up by plugging directly into the USB port of any Windows-based PC. Data for graphing and printing of stored readings is quickly exported using free Easy-Log Software downloaded from the internet. The software also exports data to other applications for detailed analysis. Inquire for Calibration Certification.

Data Logging Thermometer
Model: MA-245
Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometers
Models: MA-246, MA-247
Temperature Chart Recorders

Temperature Chart Recorders

Starting at $1,280.00
Models: MA-80, MA-80B, MA-81, MA-81B
4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer
Models: MA-324, MA-324C
4-Channel Thermometer

4-Channel Thermometer

Starting at $175.50
Models: MA-323, MA-323C
Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
Models: MA-46, MA-46C