Temperature Recorders & Data Loggers

Gilson offers a variety of temperature data loggers to meet most testing requirements or environmental conditions. Our selection of analog and digital instrumentation can record temperature, humidity, or both simultaneously. The recording and logging units operate on battery or AC power with battery back-up or a key-wound recorder that requires no power source to operate.


Temperature Recorders and Data Loggers

Gilson’s temperature data loggers include the following models:

  • Data Logging Thermometer can store 5.9 million date, time, humidity, and temperature readings on the supplied SD memory card. Temperature range is -22°–158°F (-30°–70°C).
  • Platinum RTD Datalogging Thermometers are two-channel, NIST-traceable. User-defined logging intervals. Temperature range is -130°–221°F (-90°–105°C).
  • Temperature Chart Recorders (Key-Wound data recorder) are available as wall-mounted or portable units and with air or liquid sensors. 7-day or 24-hour charts are available.
  • 4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer with -328°–2,498°F (-200°–1,370°C) temperature range. Simultaneous display of up to four Type J, K, E, and T thermocouples. A NIST-traceable model is available.
  • 4-Channel Thermometer is available with or without NIST Certification. Displays data from four probes simultaneously using Type K thermocouples. Temperature range is -328°–2,498°F (-200°–1,370°C).
  • Temperature Data Logger with USB stores up to 16,382 readings and has a temperature range of -31º–176°F (-35º–80°C). Selectable logging intervals and alarms. Data is downloaded directly via USB.
  • Thermocouple Data Logger with Graphic Screen can store more than 25,000 readings from the supplied K-type thermocouple. User-defined logging intervals and start time. The temperature range is -112º–752°F (-80º–400°C). LCD display and controls allow logging intervention and event marking.
  • Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with USB & Display measures and stores more than 32,000 readings from J, K, and T-type thermocouples. The temperature range is -112º–752ºF (-80º–400ºC). The display shows current, maximum and minimum stored temperature values, and programmable alarm lights.
  • Temperature/Humidity Data Logger with USB & Display stores over 16,000 readings for temperature and humidity. The temperature range is -31°–176°F (35º–80°C) and 0–100%RH measurement range. Display shows live data and programmable alarm lights.
  • Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with USB stores over 32,000 readings and is compatible with J, K, and T-type thermocouples. Selectable logging rates and immediate or delayed start. The temperature range is -112º–752ºF (-80º–400ºC).
  • Submersible Temperature Data Logger with USB has a stainless steel case and is immersible to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. The temperature range is -40º–257°F (-40º–125°C). Internal memory can store up to 32,510 temperature readings.