Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras provide instant detection of temperature gradients in many different materials. The color LCD displays highlight problem areas fast, something that cannot be done with standard infrared thermometers. Paving operations bridge deck and floor slab inspections, location of delaminations, cavities, and moisture problems in concrete and masonry prism walls are just a few of the applications for these sophisticated instruments.


FLIR® Ex-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras
Models: MA-774, MA-775, MA-776, MA-778
FLIR® Compact Thermal Cameras
Models: MA-772, MA-773
FLIR® ONE Pro Infrared Thermal Cameras
Models: MA-777, MA-771, MA-779
Thermal Imaging Cameras

These FLIR® cameras are light and compact, with focus-free lenses and simple navigation for easy one-handed operation. They are tough enough for rugged field conditions and rated to withstand shock values to 25g.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries yield two to four hours or more of operating time and are quickly charged on the included AC charger. The unmatched manufacturer’s warranty offers 10-year coverage on the detector and 2 years of parts and labor.

An exclusive MSX® thermal image enhancement on most models adds key details from the visible spectrum camera to the entire infrared image on the color LCD display. The text becomes clearly visible, making it easy to read a label or identifier in the image. The all-in-one image shows accurate thermal gradients along with visible details. Higher-end models feature enhanced infrared resolution, selectable measurement modes, and picture-in-picture displays, which superimpose a thermal image over a visible spectrum photo.

  • FLIR® Spot Thermal Camera combines the benefits of thermal imaging with spot infrared thermometers. A wide field of view allows quick thermal identification of large areas to a precise target of the temperature measurement location. The temperature range is 13°–716°F (-25°–380°C).
  • FLIR® Ex-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras feature MSX® dynamic imaging technology that produces a blended thermal/visible image for clear, detailed images. The Ex-Series cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity and are available in three levels thermal sensitivity and visual image resolution. The temperature range varies by model.
  • FLIR® Compact Thermal Imaging Camera captures thermal and visual images for analysis and reporting in an affordable and rugged pocket-sized device. The unit features Wi-Fi connectivity for instant storage, organization, and distribution of images from the cloud and data that can be stored instantly on all your devices.
  • FLIR® One Pro Thermal Camera conveniently adapts to an iOS or Android smartphone. It has the same power and performance as a FLIR thermal camera with six temperature regions and three temperature spot meters on the display. Performance features include extensive temperature range, infrared, visual and MSX® imaging, full range of color palettes, video, photo, and time-lapse capture modes.
  • FLIR® TG297 Industrial High Temperature Thermal Camera detects and displays temperature gradients while offering a higher temperature range of -13°–1,886°F (-25°–1,030°C). It features dual-laser pointers and a 30:1 spot ratio for accurate readings at a safe distance. 

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