Aggregate Angularity & Elongation

Aggregate shape properties affect the performance and workability of a mixture. Gilson equipment measures performance factors such as aggregate angularity and elongation, as well as uncompacted void content.
Aggregate Angularity (Flakiness/Elongation Test)

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  • Void Content measures the angularity, sphericity, and surface texture of fine and coarse aggregates.
  • Proportional Calipers are efficient devices that quickly determine percentages of elongated and flat particles in coarse aggregate fractions.
  • Flakiness & Elongation of Aggregates is measured using a thickness gauge and a length gauge to hand-try particles when determining the flakiness index and elongation index.
  • Ballast Ratio Gauges provide quick and precise shape determinations of railway ballast for use in calculating flatness and elongation ratio.

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