Screen Shakers

Gilson’s wide array of Testing Screen models have been industry standards for decades and are in wide use all over the world. With screen tray areas much larger than Round Test Sieves, they quickly separate large, coarse-grained samples into six or seven fractions for accurate and efficient gradations. Our unique models are suited to your particle size determinations for a variety of material types.


Gilson Testing Screens

Gilson Testing Screens

Starting at $5,606.00
Models: TS-1, TS-1F, TS-3, TS-3F, TS-4, TS-4F
Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screens
Models: TM-5, TM-5F, TM-6, TM-6F
Gilson Porta-Screen®

Gilson Porta-Screen®

Starting at $5,433.00
Models: PS-3, PS-3F, PS-4, PS-4F
Continuous-Flow Screen

Continuous-Flow Screen

Starting at $8,077.00
Models: CF-1, CF-1F
Rocker Screen Set
Model: SS-35
Gilso-Matic® Screening Assemblies
Models: GX-4A2, GX-4A2F, GX-4A1, GX-4A1F
  • Gilson Testing Screens deliver consistently accurate particle size determinations on large samples of aggregate, slag, ores, and other coarse materials from 4in (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm) sizes. Testing Screens are a familiar feature in most aggregate labs.
  • Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screens are an upgraded version of standard Testing Screens with easily controlled integrated hoppers for the seamless introduction of sample materials and a counterbalanced drive for smooth, quiet operation. Test Master models share the same Screen Trays with Testing Screens.
  • Gilson Porta-Screens® are standard smaller, more portable screens for quality control of construction aggregates at asphalt and ready mix plants. Porta-Screens are also useful for the separation of many other materials ranging from 2in (50.8mm) to No. 16 (1.18mm) and No. 200 (75µm) materials.
  • Continuous-Flow Screens operate with chute-end trays at a slight incline and are intended more for production separations than testing. These are versatile units, ideal for laboratories with various material separation needs including small-scale scalping, mass separations, and continuous feed production applications with coarse-sized materials.
  • Rocker Screen Frame and Pan is manually agitated and use one screen at a time in a 12in (304.8mm) square steel frame featuring sturdy handles for rocking or carrying. The frame is designed to accept interchangeable wire cloth squares and includes a bottom pan.
  • Gilso-Matic® Screening Assemblies are equipped with Hoppers/Feeders and can test total sample volumes up to 10.5ft³ (0.3m3) in batch sizes from 1-3ft³ (0.03-0.08m3). Tilt mechanisms allow semi or fully automated emptying of 24x24in (610x610mm) trays into receivers for weighing of fractions. These powerful machines are designed for integration into an automated, total quality control system for testing materials up to 6in (152mm).

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