Rocker Screen Set

Model: SS-35
Price: $227.00

The Gilson Rocker Screen Set uses manual agitation to efficiently separate coarse grained samples, yielding accurate gradations. Sets consist of a 12in square steel frame to hold interchangeable wire cloth squares and a bottom pan. Stainless Steel Wire Cloth squares are held in place by two bolted side clamps with wing nuts and feature sturdy handles for rocking or transport. Order required squares separately in desired mesh sizes. All squares can be clamped into the frame for carrying or storing when not in use. Frame height above cloth is 5in (13cm). Not recommended for use with sizes below No. 20.


  • Side clamps with wing nuts secure Stainless Steel Wire Cloth squares
  • Sturdy handles support rocking and transport of units
  • Clamping feature allows easy wire cloth storage when not in use

Included Items:

  • Rocker Screen Set

Optional Accessories:

Dimensions 15x12x10in (39x31x25cm) LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 25lb (11kg)

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Dimensions 15x12x10in (39x31x25cm) LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 25lb (11kg)
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