Screen Trays

Gilson offers a complete selection of Screen Trays fitted with ASTM and ISO wire cloth for Gilson Testing ScreenTest-Master®Porta-Screen®, Continuous Flow, and Gilso-Matic® units.

Full Screen Trays are fitted with ASTM E11 or ISO 565, 3310-1 stainless steel screen cloth, or the Screen Cloth itself is available separately as a replacement. Blank Trays, with no cloth, are also available.

  • ASTM Testing Screen & Test Master® Screen Trays are individually serial numbered and fitted with ASTM E11 Compliance Grade stainless steel wire cloth. Available with openings from 5in to No. 400 (125.0mm to 38µm).
  • ISO Testing Screen & Test Master® Screen Trays have ISO 3310/565 Compliance Grade stainless steel cloth, available in sizes from 125.0mm to 38µm. Each tray is serial numbered.
  • ASTM Round-Hole Testing Screen & Test Master® Screen Trays have punched-steel plates and meet ASTM D4749 and E323 requirements. Ideal for testing coal, ores, wood chips and other special materials.
  • ASTM Porta-Screen® Trays have ASTM E11 stainless steel Compliance Grade wire cloth in sizes from 2in to #400 (50mm to 38µm). Screen trays are individually serial numbered.
  • ISO Porta-Screen® Trays are fitted with ISO 3310/565 Compliance Grade stainless steel cloth with opening sizes ranging from 50.0mm to 38µm. Each Screen Tray is serial numbered.
  • Continuous Flow Inclined Screen Trays are used exclusively in Gilson’s Continuous-Flow Screen for scalping and small-scale continuous feed production. Screens are stainless steel ASTM E11 Testing Grade mesh from 4in to #100 (100mm to 150µm).
  • Rocker Screen Wire Cloth is precut to precisely fit SS-35 Rocker Screen. ASTM E11 wire cloth is supplied in 12in (305mm) squares.
  • Gilso-Matic® Wire Cloth Units are 24in (610mm) square ASTM E11 Wire Cloth sections mounted on sturdy steel frames for installation into the permanently mounted screen decks of the Gilso-Matic®. Available opening sizes are 4in to #14 (100mm to 4.75mm).