Testing Screen & Test-Master® ASTM Screen Trays

Compliance grade ASTM E11 Screen Trays are for use in the Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master® screen shakers. Screen Trays feature welded and bolted heavy gauge painted steel construction and are fitted with ASTM E11 Compliance Grade wire cloth. Screen tray cloth material is stainless steel and is available with opening sizes ranging from 5in to No. 400 (125.0mm to 38µm). Screen Trays with opening sizes from No. 16 to No. 200 (1.18mm to 75µm) include metal support ribs installed to support the fine mesh. Screen tray units are individually serial numbered and supplied with certificates of manufacturing conformance.


ASTM Testing Screen & Test-Master® Trays
Trays Qty Tray Verification
5in Test Screen Tray 5in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-99 5"
Price: $645.00
4.24in Test Screen Tray 4.24in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-110 4.24"
Price: $485.00
4in Test Screen Tray 4in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 4"
Price: $289.00
3.5in Test Screen Tray 3.5in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 3-1/2"
Price: $290.50
3in Test Screen Tray 3in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 3"
Price: $289.00
2.5in Test Screen Tray 2.5in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 2-1/2"
Price: $289.00
2.12in Test Screen Tray 2.12in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-110 2.12"
Price: $452.00
2in Test Screen Tray 2in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 2"
Price: $289.00
1.75in Test Screen Tray 1.75in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 1-3/4"
Price: $289.00
1.5in Test Screen Tray 1.5in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 1-1/2"
Price: $289.00
1.25in Test Screen Tray 1.25in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 1-1/4"
Price: $289.00
1.06in Test Screen Tray 1.06in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-110 1.06"
Price: $581.00
1in Test Screen Tray 1in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 1"
Price: $289.00
7/8in Test Screen Tray 7/8in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 7/8"
Price: $289.00
3/4in Test Screen Tray 3/4in Test Screen Tray
Model: TSA-100 3/4"
Price: $289.00
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Backing Cloth is intended for use as reinforcement to extend the life of primary cloth and features flat-rolled surfaces to prevent abrasion of the finer cloth. The Backing Cloth is a No. 4 (4.75mm) stainless steel cloth and may be added to screen trays with or without support ribs. A No. 4 backing cloth reinforcement is included in trays with No. 230 (63µm) and finer cloth have.

Replacement Cloth is available for installation are available in ASTM E11 sizes, and Blank Trays (with no wire cloth) can be ordered to replace trays with damaged frames. The clear screen size of a tray is 14.75x22.75in (375x578mm). The complete screen tray dimensions are 17.75x26.25x2.625in (451x667x67mm), WxDxH.

Note: Wire Cloth in sizes 4.25in, 112mm, or larger are welded rather than woven, so they do not strictly meet ASTM E11 specifications.

Users requiring traceable documentation of screen tray conformance can specify additional Verification services to ASTM Inspection or Calibration Grades. These optional services upgrade the confidence level of the opening size standard deviation from 66% at Compliance Grade to 99.0% for Inspection, and 99.73% for Calibration Grades. To order Inspection or Calibration Verification Services, please select from the Tray Verification drop-down menu. Screen trays fitted with Backing Cloth cannot be verified.

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