Screen Tray Verification

Screen Tray Verification Services ensure conformance to ASTM and ISO requirements. All ASTM E11 and ISO 565/3310 Screen Trays meet Compliance Grade Specifications and are supplied with a Certificate of Manufacturing Conformance. There is a 66% statistical confidence level that the standard deviations of the opening sizes meet ASTM or ISO Compliance requirements. When greater precision or traceable documentation is required, Compliance Screen Trays can be Gilson Verified to Inspection or Calibration Grade, with statistical confidence levels of 99% and 99.73%.


Screen Tray Verification
  • Verification of New Trays for Gilson Testing Screens, Test-Masters®, Porta Screens, Gilso-Matics®, and Continuous Flow Screens is an optional service in which wire cloth mesh openings are automatically analyzed for conformance to ASTM or ISO Inspection Grade or Calibration Grade requirements using a computerized optical measurement system traceable to NIST. Required documentation and statistical analysis is provided for the desired grade.
  • Reverification of Used Trays follows the same process as the Verification of New Screens, but the evaluation is performed on your Screen Trays that have been in service. This process confirms that Screen Trays remain in compliance with the desired ASTM or ISO standards. The required measurements are performed and statistical analysis is supplied along with each screen’s certificate.

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