Verification of New Trays

Verification of new Screen Trays assures optimal conformance to ASTM E11 or ISO 565/3310 specifications. Each new Screen Tray is supplied with a Certificate of Manufacturing Conformance and meets Compliance grade specifications with a 66% confidence level that the standard deviations of the openings meets ASTM or ISO requirements. In the Verification process for Inspection or Calibration Grades, wire cloth openings are measured using a computerized optical comparator traceable to NIST. The system automatically scans the mesh and provides a statistical analysis and documentation of aperture size and wire diameters.

  • Inspection have a confidence level of 99% that the standard deviation of openings is within the maximum allowed by ASTM or ISO after examination of individual openings by a NIST traceable optical comparator. This grade is ideal for applications requiring added accuracy and verification. Each Inspection Grade Screen Tray consists of a standard Screen Tray with added Inspection Grade Verification service.
  • Calibration measure twice as many openings with a NIST traceable optical comparator as Inspection Grade, increasing the standard deviation confidence level to 99.73%. These should be used where the highest degree of accuracy is required. Each Calibration Grade Screen Tray consists of a standard Screen Tray with added Calibration Grade Verification service.
  • Compliance have a sample of the bulk wire cloth measured prior to assembly and have a 66% statistical confidence level of meeting opening tolerances. These trays are serial numbered, furnished with a conformance certificate and can be used in applications where basic accuracy and repeatability are sufficient. All standard Screen Trays are supplied at this basic level of conformance.

To order Verification with new Screen Trays, see ASTM Testing Screen and Test-Master® Trays, ISO Testing Screen and Test-Master® Trays, ASTM Porta-Screen® Trays or ISO Porta-Screen® Trays.