Organic Impurities Test Set

Organic Impurities Test Set

Organic Impurities Test Set

Model: HM-137
Price: $388.00
Organic Impurities Test Set (NaOH not included)

Organic Impurities Test Set (NaOH not included)

Model: HM-137F
Price: $380.00

Organic Impurities Test Set is used for detecting deleterious organic materials in fine aggregates, a simple and widely-used test. Samples are mixed in a special graduated colorless glass bottle with a 3% sodium hydroxide solution, then allowed to stand for 24 hours. If the color of the supernatant liquid above the test sample is darker than a standard reference color, organic compounds may be present and further testing should be done before approval.

The set includes six graduated Impurities Test Bottles with lids, 1lb (454g) of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Pellets, and a circular Color Reference Disc with five reference colors.

The sodium hydroxide pellets make enough 3% solution to perform over 150 tests. For strict compliance with ASTM and AASHTO Standards, HM-818 Reagent Grade Sodium Hydroxide Pellets can be ordered separately. impurities Test Bottles are graduated in oz and ml measurements and have watertight screw-on caps. All individual set components can also be purchased separately.

The HM-137F test set is available without sodium hydroxide for areas with shipping restrictions.


  • Meets ASTM and AASHTO standards
  • Sets are available with or without sodium hydroxide pellets
  • Contains the components needed to perform the Organic Impurities Test
  • Includes enough pellets to complete at least 150 tests

Included Items:

  • Organic Impurities Test Set, with or without Sodium Hydroxide Pellets


Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)
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