Sodium Hydroxide Pellets for Organic Impurities Test

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets

Model: HM-816
Price: $8.50
Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (Reagent Grade)

Sodium Hydroxide Pellets (Reagent Grade)

Model: HM-818
Price: $34.00

HM-816 and HM-818 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets for Organic Impurities Test are used in testing to detect the presence of organic compounds in fine aggregates.

HM-816 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets are used to mix the 3% NaOH solution required for the organic impurities test. This 1lb (454g) bottle provides enough for more than 150 tests. HM-816 is available individually or as part of the HM-137 Organic Impurities Test Set.

HM-818 Reagent Grade Sodium Hydroxide Pellets ensure strict compliance with ASTM C40 and AASHTO T 21 purity requirements. 1lb (454g) bottle makes enough 3% solution for over 150 tests.


  • Each provide enough solution to perform over 150 tests
  • Available in 1lb (454g) bottles

Included Items:

  • Sodium Hydroxide Pellets
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lbs (0.91kg)
  • Question: How do I make a 3% solution?
    • Answer: Per ASTM C40 5.1, dissolve 3 parts by mass of reagent grade sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in 97 parts of water. 100g solution at 3% would be 3 grams reagent and 97 grams water. If you need 500g solution at 3%, then use 9 grams reagent and 491 grams water.

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Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lbs (0.91kg)
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