Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers save time and effort and improve accuracy for particle sizing operations. Shakers agitate a stacked series of test sieves to efficiently separate materials of all different types.


Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Starting at $3,260.00
Models: SS-8R, SS-8RF, SS-12R, SS-12RF
W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers

W.S. Tyler Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers

Starting at $3,300.00
Models: SS-30, SS-30F, SS-30S, SS-31, SS-31F, SS-31S, SS-33, SS-33F, SS-33S
Gilson Rotary Sifter

Gilson Rotary Sifter

Starting at $2,595.00
Models: SS-20, SS-20F
Gilson Silent Sifters®

Gilson Silent Sifters®

Starting at $2,895.00
Models: SS-21, SS-21F, SS-22, SS-22F
Mary Ann® Sifter

Mary Ann® Sifter

Starting at $3,895.00
Models: SS-25, SS-25F
W.S. Tyler® Coarse Sieve Shaker
Models: SS-82, SS-82F
Gilson Wet-Vac® Sieve Shaker
Models: WV-1, WV-1F, WV-2, WV-2F, WV-3, WV-3F
Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shaker Comparison Chart

Click the Aggregate Sieve Shakers Comparison Chart to enlarge, print, or download. The chart compares sieve capacity, shaker agitation, and particle size.

These units provide consistent agitation to samples, improving accuracy, the passage of particles, and overall consistency between tests. Agitation lifts particles off of the sieve cloth to reorient them and allow many opportunities to pass through sieve openings. The proper sieve shaker offers consistent and repeatable separations compared to manual sieve shaking methods for particle sizing. Gilson offers a diverse line of Sieve Shakers suited to your material characteristics.

Still not sure which Sieve Shaker is best for your application? Read our Gilson Insights blog post: An Expert Guide to Selecting a Sieve Shaker.

  • Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers offer superior circular rotation resulting in quick, sharp, and repeatable separations. These high-capacity units are designed for use with a broad range of materials and particle sizes, and 8 or 12in sieves.
  • W.S. Tyler® Ro-Tap® Sieve Shakers for use with 8 or 12in sieves offer circular motion and vertical tapping action that ensures consistently accurate results. Models available for use in separating particles ranging in size from No. 4 to No. 635 (4.75 to 20µm) or from 0.5in to No. 500 (12.5 to 25µm).
  • Gilson Rotary Sifter is a fully-enclosed sifter that accommodates six full-height 12in sieves with a pan or up to twenty, half-height 8in sieves with a pan. For use with particle sizes ranging from 1in to No. 635 (25mm to 20µm).
  • Gilson Silent Sifters® offer solid sieving performance at significantly lower noise levels. They quickly convert for use with ASTM 8 to 12in or ISO 200 and 300mm test sieves. The sifters are enclosed in a rugged cabinet for dust-free operation.
  • Mary Ann® Sifter offers efficient particle separation through both rotating and tapping hammer action to pass material through the sieves. This classic sifter accommodates 8 or 12in (203 or 305mm) test sieves and particle sizes from No. 4 to No. 635 (4.75 to 20µm).
  • Gilson 8in Sieve Shakers are available in models with a mechanical or digital timer and can accommodate ASTM 8in or ISO 200mm sieves. Lateral back and forth and tilt up/down motions deliver accurate and repeatable separations.
  • Gilson 8in/12in Sieve Shakers are designed for use with ASTM 8 and 12in sieves, as well as ISO 200 and 300mm sieves. Orbital tilting action offers an even distribution of the material across the sieve. Accurately separates particles ranging from No. 4 to No. 200 (4.75 to 75µm).
  • W.S. Tyler® Coarse Sieve Shaker for lab or field separations performs well with coarse materials ranging in size from No. 4 to No. 100 (4.75 to 150µm). Circular sifting motion provides efficient and accurate separation. Included adapter allows the use of 8 and 12in half or full-height sieves.
  • Gilson Wet-Vac® is used primarily with wet sieving applications. Choose from models that work with 8 or 12in sieves or 8 and 12 in sieves.

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