Specific Gravity of Aggregate

Specific Gravity or relative density of materials is an important property used in many calculations for mix design, proportioning, bulk density, absorption, and void content of aggregates and other construction materials. Gilson’s exclusive Specific Gravity equipment yields accurate, repeatable results and meets ASTM C127/128 specifications.


Specific Gravity of Aggregate
  • Specific Gravity Bench is the best solution for weighing suspended samples in water for specific gravity measurements of aggregates, hardened concrete, bituminous mixtures, and many other materials.
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregate Set has a Wire Basket and a Polyethylene Container, all the necessary components to perform the test.
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Fine Aggregate Set is an all-in-one solution with all the components you need for the test, including a pycnometer jar with a top, conical mold, and tamper.
  • Flasks are available for the specific gravity testing of cement, soils, aggregate, bitumen, pitch, and other materials.
  • Vacuum Pycnometers are available in three diverse options for specific gravity determinations, including 2,000g and 6,000g Pycnometers and Heavy-Wall Glass Filter Flasks.
  • Vibra-Pad serves as an agitator and a light-duty shaker for deairing applications.
  • Rice Shaker is a deairing device that offers consistent, automatic agitation of vacuum pycnometers for specific gravity tests of fine aggregates and soils.
  • Digital Residual Pressure Manometer comes in either a traditional mercury-based or a mercury-free digital option and provides vacuum level readings.
  • Drierite Air Drying Column is an in-line device to protect vacuum pumps from moisture when deairing test specimens effectively.
  • Indicating Drierite is used in conjunction with the laboratory air dryer unit and for other applications to absorb water vapor from air and gases quickly.
  • Oilless Vacuum Pump, Economy provides identical vacuum capacity as many standard oil systems but in a cost-effective, oilless pump package.
  • Oilless Vacuum Pump, Heavy-Duty has the capacity to perform multiple specific gravity tests simultaneously.
  • Two-Stage High Vacuum Pump features a two-stage direct drive rotary vane pump for a strong performance-to-cost ratio.

    Vacuum Pumps Comparison Table

  • Density Weighing Cradles of stainless steel secure solid specimens when weighing and holding standard Vacuum Pycnometer Canisters or Aggregate Density Baskets.
  • Specific Gravity Water Tanks have a 30gal or 44gal capacity and are equipped with drain and overflow outlets. The 44gal tank is preferred for ASTM D2041 and AASHTO T 209 tests.
  • Heater/Circulator with 1,100 Watt heating capacity accurately controls temperature from ambient + 9° to 302° ±0.09°F (ambient + 5° to 150° ±0.05C) for baths and water tanks up to 7.4gal.
  • EZ-Mount Heater/Circulator is portable, compact, and has the mounting capability to effectively maintain tap water in immersion weighing tanks to the required temperature for specific gravity tests.
  • The Aggregates Handbook is a compilation of articles and a comprehensive reference for anyone dealing with aggregates.

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