Sample Bags

From field collection to laboratory testing, sample bags are an efficient way to handle, store, and transport bulk samples. Heavy-Duty Sample Bags and sturdy cotton Bucket Liner Sample Bags are available with optional easy-label Sample ID Tags, and easily-secured Double-Loop Wire Ties.


Bucket Liner Sample Bags

Bucket Liner Sample Bags

Starting at $35.50
Models: SPA-22, SPA-22C, SPA-22K
Heavy-Duty Sample Bags

Heavy-Duty Sample Bags

Starting at $41.00
Models: SP-92, SP-93, SP-96, SP-97
8in Double-Loop Wire Ties
Model: SPA-23
Sample ID Tags
Model: SC-90
Sample Bags
  • Bucket Liner Sample Bags are constructed of sturdy cotton and temperature rated to 400°F (204°C). These bags fit metal or plastic buckets with a 3 to 6gal (11 to 22L) capacity for fast and easy sample collection.
  • Heavy-Duty Sample Bags are available in a range of sizes and can handle 50 to 75lb (23 to 34kg). Made from high count drill textiles and used for soil, sand, aggregates, ores, and similar samples. They can be ordered with and without poly liners for use with fine or wet materials.
  • 8in Double-Loop Wire Ties for Sample Bags are heavy-gauge wire and used to easily and tightly secure sample bags.
  • Wire Tie Twister w/Plastic Grip is a sturdy unit with a plastic grip handle that allows for tight and secure closing of the Bucket Liner Sample Bags.
  • Sample ID Tags are made of soft embossable aluminum. Designed for writing on using pencil, pen, or permanent marker, and attaches easily to sample bags or containers with a tag wire tie.