Coal Testing Equipment

Gilson laboratory coke and coal testing equipment are widely used for sample preparation, particle sizing, and hardness determinations of samples. Hardness and grindability testers, sieves, sieve shakers, and Testing Screens meet ASTM test method requirements. Crushers, grinders, pulverizers, mixers, and sample splitters reduce and prepare samples according to test method requirements.


Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers

Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers

Starting at $19,066.00
Models: LC-201, LC-201F, LC-401, LC-401F
Holmes Coal Pulverizers

Holmes Coal Pulverizers

Starting at $8,117.00
Models: LC-350, LC-350F, LC-500, LC-500F, LC-502, LC-502F
Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitters
Models: SP-1015FX, SP-1017FX, SP-1018FX, SP-1060, SP-1060X, SP-1070, SP-1070X, SP-1050, SP-1050X
Enclosed Universal Splitter
Model: SP-10
Gilson Testing Screens

Gilson Testing Screens

Starting at $5,606.00
Models: TS-1, TS-1F, TS-3, TS-3F, TS-4, TS-4F
Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Gilson Tapping Sieve Shakers

Starting at $3,094.00
Models: SS-8R, SS-8RF, SS-12R, SS-12RF
Gilson Rotary Sifter

Gilson Rotary Sifter

Starting at $2,595.00
Models: SS-20, SS-20F
Gilson Silent Sifters®

Gilson Silent Sifters®

Starting at $2,895.00
Models: SS-21, SS-21F, SS-22, SS-22F
Hardgrove Grindability Tester

Hardgrove Grindability Tester

Starting at $12,245.00
Models: LC-100, LC-100F
Ball-Pan Hardness Test Set
Model: SSA-39
Mixing Wheel

Mixing Wheel

Starting at $10,300.00
Models: SP-48R, SP-48RF
Mini Mixing Wheel
Model: SP-42
  • Holmes Hammermill Coal Crushers reduce bulk samples of coal and coke using rotary-swing hammers. The enclosed steel cases, covered feed hoppers, and rugged cast iron housings ensure safe and efficient operation with low maintenance. Hopper feed gates enable manual feed control.
  • Holmes Coal Pulverizers are bench-type units that perform well in reducing coal or coke from No. 4 to No. 60 sieve size. Models are available with manual or auger feed. All units are constructed of painted steel and cast iron with a one-piece balanced rotor and hard-coated hammers. Driven by a 1hp single-phase motor with overload protection.
  • Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitters produce representative samples of fine, dusty powders where moisture retention is important. Holmes splitters have 60° chute slopes, feed guide, and full enclosures, as preferred for coal and coke applications to meet ASTM D2013 and D346.
  • Gilson Totally Enclosed Splitter can be loaded and operated through a complete splitting cycle without releasing dust into the room or losing sample material. The Totally Enclosed Splitter features adjustable-width 45°chutes and gate release hopper.
  • Gilson Testing Screen models are used to separate bulk coal samples into six or seven fractions for accurate and efficient gradations. Used in laboratories throughout the world, the testing screens deliver consistently accurate particle size determinations on samples of aggregate, coal, slag, ores, and other coarse materials from 4in to No. 4 (101mm to 4.75mm) sizes.
  • Mechanical Tapping Sieve Shakers use repetitive tapping paired with an aggressive circular mechanical action to yield accurate material separations while preventing blinding. These units are ideal for a wide range of materials from 2in to No. 635 (50mm to 20µm) and are compatible with 8in,12in, or both 8in and 12in (200mm to 305mm) diameter ASTM or ISO test sieves.
  • Rotary Lab Sifters offer quiet, reliable, and proven performance for efficient particle size separations of granular materials from 2in to No. 635 (50mm to 20µm). Rotary sifters are compatible with 8in and 12in (200mm and 305mm) diameter ASTM or ISO test sieves. All moving parts are safely enclosed by the cabinet, reducing dust and noise output. Models with enhanced sound reduction are available.
  • Hardgrove Grindability Tester measures the relative ease of pulverization of coal compared to standard coal samples in accordance with ASTM D409 Hardgrove Machine Method. The resulting Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) provides a measure of the energy required in a grinding process or a measure of yield for given energy input.
  • Ball-Pan Hardness Test Set determines the degradation resistance of granulated activated carbons in accordance with ASTM D3802. A sample is placed in the ball-pan with the steel balls and runs for 30 minutes in the SS-30 8in W.S. Tyler® Ro-Tap® Sieve Shaker.
  • Mixing Wheels are required in ASTM D2013 for laboratory preparation of certain coal samples. Mixing wheels rotate samples of dry, granular materials to produce homogeneous test specimens. This larger wheel holds up to ten 0.5gal (2L) Sample Jars.
  • Mini Mixing Wheel is designed for the thorough mixing of smaller amounts of granular materials for consistent and accurate test results. Capacity is up to six 8oz (237ml) sample jars and also meets ASTM D2013 test standard.