Rotary Lab Sifters

Rotary Lab Sifter models have reliable, proven designs for efficient separations, and accommodate stacks up to 26in (660mm). Rotary Sifters are preferred by some state DOTs for particle sizing of mineral aggregates. Sieve stacks are placed against a vertical set of drive rollers and the cabinet is tilted back for operation. No clamping is required. Sieves rotate as multiple hammers tap against them to promote particle passage. Enclosed cabinets isolate moving parts for safety to control dust and noise levels. We offer a variety of Rotary Sifters with Tapping, ranging from traditional to Gilson-enhanced models.


Gilson Rotary Sifter

Gilson Rotary Sifter

Starting at $2,195.00
Models: SS-20, SS-20F
Gilson Silent Sifters®

Gilson Silent Sifters®

Starting at $2,295.00
Models: SS-21, SS-21F, SS-22, SS-22F
“Mary Ann®” Sifter

“Mary Ann®” Sifter

Starting at $2,895.00
Models: SS-25, SS-25F
  • Gilson Rotary Sifters feature a progressive design using higher quality components and materials for long service life and more efficient operation. These Gilson Sifters also have faster conversion from 8 to 12in or 200 to 300mm diameter sieves, easier set up and quieter operation.  
  • Gilson Silent Sifters® are specially engineered with proprietary sound reducing technology resulting in noise levels lower than any other rotary sifter on the market, for enhanced worker protection.
  • Mary Ann® Sifters are the original, popular laboratory tool and feature totally enclosed cabinets for a safe operation.  Separation is aided by tapping from hardwood-faced aluminum hammers.