Laboratory Mixers

Gilson's Laboratory Mixer models are used for a range of materials testing applications including concrete, asphalt, cement and grout for popular ASTM C109, C227, and C305, or AASHTO T 106 and T 162 test standards.

5qt Benchtop Laboratory Mixer

5qt Benchtop Laboratory Mixer

Starting at $3,870.00
Models: MA-52, MA-52F, MA-52X, MA-52XF
12qt Benchtop Laboratory Mixer

12qt Benchtop Laboratory Mixer

Starting at $7,145.00
Models: MA-54A, MA-54AF
Mini Mixing Wheel
Model: SP-42
Mixing Wheel

Mixing Wheel

Starting at $7,463.00
Models: SP-48R, SP-48RF

Our lab mixers are available in portable benchtop or free-standing floor options. Mixers come in various container volumes for a wide range of applications and capacities to meet your needs.

  • 5qt Benchtop Heavy-Duty Laboratory Mixer has a 5qt (4.7L) capacity and a 1/6hp motor with selectable speeds for mortar and cement.
  • 12qt Benchtop Laboratory Mixerhas a 12qt (11.4L) capacity to accommodate larger batches of materials, and a 1/2 hp motor with adjustable speeds.
  • Mixing Wheelthoroughly mixes a wide range of dry, granular samples and has variable rotation speeds. It can accommodate up to ten 0.5gal (2L) sample jars. Mounted on a sturdy floor stand.
  • Mini Mixing Wheel is used for thorough mixing of smaller quantities of materials such as coal and ore and offers consistent and accurate results. Can rotate up to six 8oz (237ml) sample jars.