Hot Plates, Ranges, and Lab Burners

Hot Plates and Ranges offer convenience and portability for drying and heating test applications. Our selection of Hot Plates and Ranges are designed for field or laboratory use; they are portable, convenient and offer efficiency of use.


Cimarec+™ Hot Plate
Model: MA-1807
Cimarec+™ Stirring Hot Plate
Models: MA-1827, MA-1827F
Ohaus Guardian 5000 Hot Plate Stirrers
Models: OB-70, OB-70F, OB-72, OB-72F
Ohaus Guardian 7000 Hot Plate Stirrers
Models: OB-80, OB-80F, OB-82, OB-82F
Propane Hot Plates

Propane Hot Plates

Starting at $87.00
Models: MA-812, MA-814, MA-816, MA-818
Electric Ranges

Electric Ranges

Starting at $221.50
Models: MA-838, MA-839
Laboratory Gas Burners

Laboratory Gas Burners

Starting at $24.50
Models: MA-190, MA-191, MA-192
Spinbars (Stir Bars)

Spinbars (Stir Bars)

Starting at $19.00
Models: OBA-710, OBA-708
Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever
Model: OBA-705
Lab Hot Plates and Ranges
  • Cimarec+™ Hot Plate has a square ceramic heating plate and control temperatures more closely.
  • Cimarec+™ Stirring Hot Plate is also equipped with a ceramic heating plate and uses a magnetic stirring bar for continuous sample agitation of liquids during heating.
  • Ohaus Guardian 5000 Hot Plate Stirrers provide safe and precise heating and stirring of liquid samples. SafetyHeat™ feature prevents overtemperature conditions. SmartHousing™ design stays cool to the touch and protects against spills.
  • Ohaus Guardian 7000 Hot Plate Stirrers provide greater temperature stability and accuracy than the Guardian 5000 models and have advanced operation and safety features for worker convenience and protection.
  • Propane Hot Plates are available in economy and heavy-duty models with a single or double burner option.
  • Electric Ranges are available in both a single and double heavy-duty burner unit. Electric ranges are inexpensive and easy to use where temperature requirements are not precise.
  • Laboratory Gas Burners come in Bunsen, Maker, and Tirrell Burner styles. All have a Ni-plated zinc-alloy base and are for 800-1,200btu/cf natural gas.
  • Spinbars are used with magnetic stirrers for continuous agitation of liquid samples.
  • Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever is used for quick, safe, and easy recovery of magnetic stirring bars and Ohaus Spinbars.