Electric Ranges

Single Burner Electric Range
Single Burner Electric Range
Model: MA-838
Price: $150.00
Double Burner Electric Range
Double Burner Electric Range
Model: MA-839
Price: $202.50
Electric Ranges with one or two element heavy-duty burner plates are ideal for laboratory heating/drying applications where precise temperature control is not required. High quality commercial grade cast iron elements are built for long service life and stand up to daily use. Single-burner MA-838 is rated at 1,300 watts and 11amp operation for quick warm-up and heat retention. Double-burner MA-839 has one 1,300 watt and one 500 watt burner for lower temperature warming and drying with 15amp draw. Adjustable thermostatic heat controls have On and Ready indicator lights. Brushed stainless steel case and non-slip rubber feet allow safe operation and low maintenance. 120V, 60Hz.
Dimensions 11 x 12.25 x 3.25in (279.4 x 311.2 x 82.6mm)  
Dimensions 19.8 x 12.3 x 3.3in (502.3 x 312.4 x 83.9mm)  

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