Laboratory Burners

Bunsen Burner
Bunsen Burner
Model: MA-190
Price: $20.80
Meker Burner
Meker Burner
Model: MA-191
Price: $68.00
Tirrell Burner
Tirrell Burner
Model: MA-192
Price: $30.50

Laboratory Burners for 800—1,200btu/cf natural gas. Ni-plated zinc-alloy base.

The Bunsen Burner has 1/2in mixing tube with flame stabilizer, 6.125in in height.

Use the high temperature Meker Burner for an extremely hot flame.  It has venturi tube with monel grid and mesh backing, knurled adjustment valve, 8.5in in height.

The Tirrill Burner has separate control of flame temperature and length from 1/2—12in; mixing tube is 1/2in; 6in in height.

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