Timers & Stopwatches

From traditional spring-wound analog to digital to four-channel traceable timers and large-display stopwatch, our timing products offer precision timing and accuracy to meet your needs.


Digital Lab Timer

Digital Lab Timer

Starting at $516.00
Models: TSA-169R, TSA-169RF
Gralab Timer
Model: TSA-1167
Traceable® Dual Timer
Model: MA-193
Mechanical Timers

Mechanical Timers

Starting at $105.50
Models: TSA-190, TSA-191
Lab Timers and Stopwatches
  • Digital Lab Timer is programmable with a bright LED display. It can operate up to 20 amp loads or 1hp motors in four modes: sec, min, min: sec, or hr: min.
  • Gralab Timer plugs into a wall outlet with the device that will be timed then plugged into the timer. Can also be used as a stop-clock.
  • Traceable® Dual Timer with LCD displays allows for two independent timers with audio and flashing alarms. The Dual Timer is easily programmable and comes with a NIST Traceable Certificate of + 0.01% accuracy.
  • Mechanical Timers are spring-wound timers with a choice of a 30 or 60-minute range; timing ends when the dial returns to zero.
  • Digital Thermometer Timer offers a 99-minute countdown, with time and temperature functions that can be used individually or simultaneously. The alarm sounds when time or temperature is reached.
  • Four-Channel Traceable® Alarm Timer allows for all four channels to be used at the same time or separately. It programs easily and comes with a numbered NIST Traceable Certificate.
  • Field Test Digital Timer is ideal for field or laboratory applications. The LCD digital Field Test Timer has a magnetic back and audible signal. and a 30-second alarm that sounds upon reaching zero.
  • Large Display Digital Stopwatch has click-stop controls and a large LCD display. This Digital Stopwatch also offers split interval, clock, and calendar functions.