Lab Utensils & Hand Tools

Lab utensils and hand tools are a must-have for any materials testing laboratory for mixing, scraping, and handling all types of samples.


  • Laboratory Brushes are available in a range of shapes and brush textures and efficiently keep sieves, tools, and instruments clean and free of excess material.
  • Sample Scoops are constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or high-impact polystyrene plastic, and available in round-bowl or flat-bottom design. Gilson’s Sample Scoops come in capacities ranging from 2.0 to 85oz (0.059 to 2.5L).
  • Lab Spatulas are available with a range of blade sizes and constructed of durable stainless steel with a riveted hardwood handle. They are a popular utensil for a variety of lab and field testing procedures. 
  • Rubber Mallet is constructed of hard rubber with a wooden handle. It has an overall length of 12in (305mm).
  • Trowels are typically used in laboratory testing related to Portland Cement and masonry. Gilson offers both a straight-edged or curved-edged Trowel with flat blades.
  • Finishing Trowels feature high-quality carbon steel blades for precise finishing on concrete surfaces without depressions or projections.
  • Tape Measures are the most accurate and efficient way to measure slumps and serve a number of other purposes.
  • Lab Spoon / Spatula is a popular hand tool used for mixing, scraping, and handling fine powders or other fine materials in the lab.
  • Large Lab Spoon is constructed of stainless steel and is 12.5in (317mm) in length. It is ideal for digging, scooping, or stirring samples.
  • Lab Tongs are available in Crucible or Beaker models. They are constructed of Ni-plated steel with a riveted joint. Both are 9in (229mm) long and each has a different jaw shape.
  • Estwing Rock Hammer is used for digging, splitting, and prying. The one-piece Estwing Rock Hammer is constructed of forged solid steel.
  • Chisel is made of hardened steel, is 10in (254mm) long and has a 1in (25.4mm) wide blade.