Portland Cement and Masonry

A number of important tests define the properties of cement, mortar, and grout.


Standard Test Sands have specific size and shape characteristics, and are used to mix test batches. Specimens for compressive or flexural strength testing are molded in precision Brass, Stainless Steel or Plastic Cube or Prism Molds and convenient cardboard Grout Sample Boxes. Fineness and surface area of cement particles are determined using the Fineness Test Apparatus, Blaine Air Permeability Device, or the Wagner Turbidimeter. These properties have a direct effect on the rate of hydration and set time of a mix. The Mortar Penetrometer, Vicat, and Gillmore Needle Apparatus test mortars, cements, and grouts for initial or final set times and consistency. Flow Tables and Flow Cones measure consistency and flowability of mixes. Length Change Apparatus measures shrinkage rate of cast prisms and effects of alkali reactivity after Autoclave curing.