Fineness of Hydraulic Cement Test Apparatus

Gilson Fineness Test Apparatus meets standard test methods for fineness of Portland and other hydraulic cements, as well as fly ash, natural pozzolan, masonry cement and similar materials that require constant-pressure test apparatus.


  • Fineness Test Spray Apparatus is effective for any wet sieving operation, includes valve, pressure gauge, piping and spray nozzle.
  • Hose Connector connects to valve of Fineness Test Spray Apparatus at one end, and to standard male garden hose outlet at other. The 2ft flexible connector can also attach to sink faucet.
  • Fineness Test Sieve with one-piece brass frame and No.325 stainless steel wire cloth. Calibration is verified in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards with use of BS-50 No.114 NIST Portland Cement.
  • 2in Two-Piece Nickel-Plated Wet Wash Sieve Frame is used with No.325 Mesh disc in performing fineness test.
  • No.325 Stainless Mesh 2in Replacement Disc is stainless steel wire cloth and can be verified to Calibration or Inspection Grade.
  • No.114 NIST Portland Cement required by ASTM C115, ASTM C204 and ASTM C430, along with AASHTO T 98, AASHTO T 153 and AASHTO T 192 to check calibration of fineness test sieve.