Fineness Test Spray Apparatus

Model: WT-1
Price: $114.00

Fineness Test Spray Apparatus is effective for any wet sieving operations and easily connects to a standard male hose spigot outlet or faucet with the WT-1A Hose Connector accessory. The apparatus is equipped with a valve, 4.5in (114mm) pressure gauge, piping and spray nozzle, and controls spray and water pressure. The pressure gauge is graduated in psi to a maximum of 30psi, with a red pointer to indicate when the maximum is reached.


  • For use in fineness testing and other wet sieving operations
  • The valve controls pressure and the gauge is graduated to 30psi
  • Meets ASTM C430, ASTM D1514 and AASHTO T 192 standards

Included Items:

  • Fineness Test Spray Apparatus


  • Hose Connector is a flexible vinyl 2ft long hose connector that threads onto the spray apparatus
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.5lb (1.59kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 3.5lb (1.59kg)
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