Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus

Model: MA-10
Price: $470.00

Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus measures the specific surface area of fine materials in square centimeters per gram of test sample. A quantity of air is drawn through a bed of definite porosity. The pore volume in the bed is a function of the size of particles, and determines the rate of air flow.

The apparatus is supplied complete with stainless steel test cell, plunger, perforated disk, calibrated U-tube manometer, rubber aspirator and bulb, all mounted on a sturdy wooden panel and base. An 8oz bottle of red spirit manometer fluid, package of filter paper, and a wood block for holding cell during filling are included. For calibration, order BS-50, NIST Portland Cement standard reference material (20 units). Order additional 12.7mm, grade 597 Filter Paper discs in quantities of 1,000 as MA-11.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 15lb (7kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 15lb (7kg)
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