Hose Connector

Model: WT-1A
Price: $25.00

WT-1A Hose Connector is a 2ft (610mm) long flexible vinyl hose connector for use with WT-1 Fineness Test Spray Apparatus. The threaded end of the connector attaches to the spray apparatus’ valve while the other end connects to a standard male hose spigot. The connector comes with a screw-on fitting for attaching to a sink faucet.


  • Attaches to common lab or utility sink faucets
  • Flexible vinyl construction

Included Items:

  • Hose Connector
Length 2ft (610mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)

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Length 2ft (610mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)
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