Vicat Apparatus

Standard and Modified Vicat Apparatus determine consistency, time of set, and false set of hydraulic cement, mortar, and grout as indicated in ASTM and AASHTO test standards applicable to each model. Vicat units are equipped with frame and backlight platform, graduated scale, 10mm (0.4in) dia. plunger assembly, adjustable indicator, mold, and glass plate.


Standard Vicat Apparatus
Model: HM-300
Modified Vicat Apparatus
Model: HM-302
Vicat Apparatus
  • Standard Vicat Apparatus has a reversible stainless steel plunger and needle assembly for 300g total weight. It is used to determine consistency and initial/final set times of cements and mortar pastes. This unit can be modified for testing to determine a false set.
  • Modified Vicat Apparatus has 400g plunger assembly with a 100g weight and is used to determine the false set (early stiffening) of hydraulic cement mortar in accordance with ASTM C359 and AASHTO T 185.

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