Prism Length Change Testing Equipment

Length Change Apparatus measures changes in the length of cast prisms due to alkali-silica reactivity (ASR), autoclave curing, and other causes not related to the applied load. Methods are applicable to the testing of hardened portland cement paste, mortar, concrete, or evaluation of hydraulic hydrated lime for structural purposes.


Length Comparator

Length Comparator

Starting at $900.00
Models: HM-250D, HM-250
Cement Autoclave
Model: HM-252
Single Prism Mold, 1x1x10in
Model: HM-256
Single Prism Mold, 3x3x10in
Model: HM-259
2-Gang Prism Molds, 1x1x10in

2-Gang Prism Molds, 1x1x10in

Starting at $175.00
Models: HM-257, HM-258
2-Gang Prism Mold, 2x2x10in
Model: HM-255
Gauge Studs for Mortar Bars
Model: HM-268
Prism Length Change Test

Prism Molds meet ASTM C151, C157, C227, C490, C1260, and AASHTO R 70 and T 107M. Molds with base plate, removable partitions, and end plates provide the required length of 10in (254mm) between the innermost ends of Gauge Studs cast in ends of bars.

  • Length Comparator with a dial or digital indicator offers precise measurement of length changes. Can test specimens up to 4x4x10in. Meets ASTM C151, C157, C227, C490, C1260 and AASHTO R 70 and T 107M.
  • Cement Autoclave is ASME certified. Used in curing of mortar bar specimens for determining the expansion of hydraulic cements in compliance with ASTM C151 and AASHTO T 107M.
  • Mortar Bar Container meets ASTM C 227, which is stainless steel with a tight-fitting cover to seal in water vapor. Vertically supports up to 36 mortar bars in a container with a lower end above the water surface.
  • Single Prism Mold, 1x1x10in is a corrosion-resistant steel mold used in length change testing of mortar, concrete, or Portland cement paste samples.
  • Single Prism Mold, 3x3x10in is made of corrosion-resistant steel and used in length change testing of different concrete specimens.
  • 2-Gang Prism Molds, 1x1x10in available in corrosion-resistant steel or stainless steel models. Used for casting mortar, concrete, or Portland cement paste specimens.
  • 2-Gang Prism Mold, 2x2x10in for length change testing of Portland cement paste, concrete, or mortar specimens. Can also be used with a length comparator for measuring the change in cast prisms due to alkali-silica reactivity and other causes.
  • Gauge Studs made of 316 stainless steel are threaded into prism molds and cast into specimens for precise measurements in the Length Comparator.

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