Flow Tables

Flow tables are used for determining consistency (flow) and for preparing mortars of standard consistency for testing. Flow is determined as percent increase in diameter of a conically-molded mortar. The sample is subjected to a required number of cam-actuated 1/2in (12.4mm) table drops at a fixed 100rpm rate.

All flow tables have the 10in (254mm) diameter rigid cast bronze table supported in a cast iron frame. Base and special drive motor bracket are mounted to a concrete pedestal provided by user. A Flow Mold is included with all tables; extras are available as HMA-133. Mold is cast bronze, 2.75/4in (70/102mm) top/bottom ID with collar. The HMA-134 Percent Flow Caliper has special scale to give the average flow directly by adding four readings. The 11.8in (300mm) long Stainless Steel Straightedge (HMA-135) for striking off specimens in containers, measures or molds is 1.6in wide x 1/8in thick (40x3mm) and has one beveled edge.

Manual Flow Table

Model: HM-274

Motorized Flow Tables

Starting at $2,133.50
Models: HM-272, HM-272F, HM-273, HM-273F