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Grout Flow Cone Set w/ 0.5in Orifice

Grout Flow Cone Set w/ 0.5in Orifice

Model: HM-372
Price: $412.00
Grout Flow Cone Set w/ 0.75in Orifice

Grout Flow Cone Set w/ 0.75in Orifice

Model: HM-373
Price: $412.00

Grout Flow Cones measure the flowability of fluid hydraulic grout by flow cone method used in preplaced aggregate concrete. Flowability is measured by the time of efflux of a 1.725L sample of grout through the 0.5in (12.7mm) ID discharge tube orifice from the cone. Constructed of cast aluminum, the flow cone has 7in (178mm) top ID and comes with an adjustable point gauge assembly to indicate the initial sample level.

HM-372 Flow Cone Set includes a flow cone with replaceable 0.5in (12.5mm) Orifice, a 3-legged Steel Stand, and a 2L (2.1qt) Stainless Steel Beaker Receiving Container. This model meets standard ASTM C939.

HM-373 Flow Cone Set is similar to the HM-372, except that the flow cone is fitted with a special 0.75in (19mm) Orifice for less flowable grouts, and meets ASTM D6449 test standard.

Flow Cones, Orifices, and other set components are also available for purchase separately. Flow cone models include the point gauge measurement assembly and are available with or without 0.5in or 0.75in Orifices. Both Orifice sizes are compatible with HM-371 flow cone and easily interchanged. The sturdy painted Steel Stand is 20.5in (414mm) high. The 2qt (1.9L) Stainless Steel Beaker is sized to receive grout from a single test and graduated in oz and cc. The Stainless Steel Beaker, 6qt (5.7L) can collect grout from up to three tests.


  • Durable cast aluminum construction
  • Available with 0.5in or 0.75in Orifices
  • Steel stand has adjustable feet
  • Orifices can be easily switched
  • Easily disassembled for transporting or storing

Included Items:

  • Cast Aluminum Flow Cone with 0.5in or 0.75in Orifice
  • 3-legged Flow Cone Steel Stand
  • 2L (2.1qt) Stainless Steel Beaker
  • Adjustable point gauge measurement assembly


Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-372: 19.0lb (8.62kg)

HM-373: 13.0lb (5.90kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-372: 19.0lb (8.62kg)

HM-373: 13.0lb (5.90kg)

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