Laboratory Mortar Mixers

Industrial-grade Laboratory Mortar Mixers consistently and thoroughly blend mortar, cement and other materials using an innovative planetary motion. Direct gear drives and durable motors ensure constant mixing speeds under load and a convenient locking hand-lever seamlessly raises and lowers the bowl. All mixers are supplied with stainless steel bowl, wire whip, dough hook, and aluminum flat beater. The 5qt Mixers include an additional stainless steel flat beater.

Planetary Laboratory Mixer

Starting at $3,375.00
Models: MA-52, MA-52F, MA-52X, MA-52XF

Large Planetary Laboratory Mixer

Starting at $6,349.00
Models: MA-54A, MA-54AF
  • Planetary Laboratory Mixers are ideal for heavy applications, have a 5qt (4.7L) capacity and selectable operating speeds. These units include a modified modelfeaturing a Clearance Bracket to meet the requirements of ASTM C305, C227 and C109 (AASHTO T162 and T106) and other tests.
  • Large Planetary Laboratory Mixer with a capacity of 12qt (11.4L) is a good choice for larger batch requirements.