Masonry Grout Window

Model: HM-677
Price: $104.50

Masonry Grout Window makes it easy to clean out debris while enabling monitoring and visual confirmation of grout placement in masonry structures to ensure block cores are filled properly. Simply open one cell in the bottom course of the block to be filled and install the window using the specially designed anchor bolt. After grout placement, the Acrylic Window is removed by twisting and breaking off the exposed portion of the engineered plastic bolt. Proper use and grout placement assures soundness of the block face and eliminates costly repairs resulting from blowouts.  The Acrylic Windows are reusable while the bolt is abandoned in place. Acrylic Grout Windows are supplied in packs of 20 pieces. Bolt and Nut sets are purchased separately in packages of 20 sets (20 nuts and 20 bolts).


  • Offers a positive visual solution for monitoring grout placement in masonry structures
  • Maintains integrity of the block face while eliminating the need for repairs
  • Convenient installation with engineered bolts that break off easily
  • Acrylic Windows can be reused many times over

Included Items:

  • Masonry Grout Windows, Package of 20

Required Accessories:

  • Plastic Bolt and Nut, 20 Sets

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Product Dimensions 5 x 8in (127 x 203mm) W x D
Estimated Shipping Weight 9.0lb (4.08kg)

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Product Dimensions 5 x 8in (127 x 203mm) W x D
Estimated Shipping Weight 9.0lb (4.08kg)