ASTM Mercury Thermometers

ASTM mercury-filled Thermometers have strict manufacturing protocols and assure high quality temperature measurements. Select desired temperature range and divisions from the product filter to narrow your choices.

Please check your state and local ordinances controlling mercury instruments before ordering.  Regulations are constantly changing and Gilson may not be permitted to ship these devices to you.


Models: MA-217C, MA-217CT
Models: MA-218F, MA-218FT
Models: MA-218C, MA-218CT
Models: MA-452F, MA-452FT
Models: MA-454F, MA-454FT
Models: MA-453F, MA-453FT
Models: MA-455F, MA-455FT
Models: MA-456F, MA-456FT
Models: MA-457F, MA-457FT
Models: MA-458F, MA-458FT
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Samples from each production run are inspected, tested for accuracy and checked for E1 and E77 compliance. Thermometers have yellow-backed glass with permanent graduations and are individually packed in cardboard tubes. Each model is supplied with a statement of compliance. The Precision-Use Full Set includes one of each ASTM 62 to 70 series in °C or °F in a velvet-lined protective case. The “T” suffix indicates ASTM Thermometers with optional NIST traceable five-point Certificates of Calibration. Customers should be aware of state or local ordinances controlling shipment or sale of mercury instruments in their area.

Most ASTM and AASHTO test methods now permit non-mercury alternatives for temperature measurement, and our Technical staff can help you select digital or non-mercury glass thermometers to meet published test methods.

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