Gilson Silent Testing Screen (115V / 60Hz)

Model: TS-4
Price: $7,220.00

TS-4 Gilson Silent Testing Screen is our newest model and combines all the features of the TS-3 with the addition of a sound-dampened structure and an integrated digital LED timer. The door is fitted with an adjustable, heavy-duty, over-center lever latch that pulls the door tightly against the frame. The lid incorporates strong ferrite magnets that secure it in the open position to aid in the loading process and in the closed position to ensure seal integrity while in operation. Wear-resistant seals on the door and lid further prevent airborne dust and fine particles from entering the lab environment during the testing procedure. The door, lid, and interior surfaces of the TS-4 are lined with sound-dampening material that significantly reduces operational noise.

For more detailed information and to see our complete line visit the Gilson Testing Screens page.


  • Rapid particle size determinations for materials from 4in (101mm) to No. 4 (4.75mm)
  • The enclosed drive mechanism promotes safety during operation
  • Processes large samples up to 1ft³ (0.028m³) 

Included Items:

  • Silent Gilson Testing Screen
Estimated Shipping Weight 520.0lb (235.87kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 520.0lb (235.87kg)